A Blonde P.O.V.

Welcome to my mixed up thoughts & idea’s ;  my blog, “A Blonde Point of View”.  I will warn you this is not going to be perfect as I am not a writer. I have created this blog for many reasons, for personal use and to share with others. To have a way of looking back and seeing how I grow as an individual, and as person who is working in the design industry.  Most of all I am starting this blog to keep track of the ideas that inspire me.  As I begin my last year at FIDM I’m finding design influences in the most random day to day “things”.  Everything from the coffee I drink, to the sun as it sets, to the people I meet.  
This blog is my memo pad mixed with some unfinished ideas. If you follow- I hope you enjoy the ride of my randomness and humor. 🙂
-A Blonde Point of View.

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