My Letter to Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen, because you love to dance I hope you read this!

I take a lot of photos to keep a visual component of my favorite memories- and I will admit that with a proud smile on my face! I am a VISUAL major in college so that might go without saying why it is that I do so. However, there are many substantial moments in my life that I did not photograph. Dancing with my father would be one.

I want to start by saying that I am blessed to have a both a mother and father who love me as much as mine do. My father is the type of man that would assist my mom while tucking us kids into bed every night. I was the type of child who would always yell for him to come back and ‘give me another big bear hug’. Even if I asked 10 times- I swear to you, the man would always come back and hug me again. He is the type of husband to my mother that would carry her to bed when she would fall asleep watching tv. They are the couple that still hold hands in the car every single day. My parents honestly have a type of marriage that is rare to find these days. Being in their presence it is obvious that they adore each other. I truly feel so blessed to come from a family who has raised me to love others unconditionally, and who have believed in me without a doubt.

 One of the many things that I remember about growing up is going to weddings. Like most young ladies my first dance was with my father. As far as little girls go, I was no exception to the rule of dancing on daddy’s toes! I would stand on my fathers feet, smile up at him, and let him take the lead. I remember him spinning me around on the dance floor, and me laughing my head off in the midst of pure fun. It goes without question that my dad is a wonderful dancer!

In 2007 my father walked in for an out patient surgery and has been confined to an automatic wheelchair ever since. 

A surgery may have taken away my father’s ability to walk and dance, but it can never replace the memories. Though he can no longer carry my mother to bed when she falls asleep, my mother still smiles at him with that look of adoration in her eyes. I never did get a picture of my father and I dancing, and that’s okay. This life experience might be why I am the person/ friend that you can always count on for taking pictures of everything. You never know whats going to happen tomorrow and when you’re happy and having fun why not capture those moments? What if you can’t get them back?

Now, I will tell you what my father is not. He is not the type of man who is going to give up when a doctor tells him that he will never walk again – he is not the type to throw in the towel, and he is not someone who doesn’t believe in miracles. He does everything he can the best that he can, and my mother stands firmly by his side still holding his hand.

 My mother, no less, battles Multiple Sclerosis and is my father’s full time caregiver- she does it all with a smile on her face. With all of the medical bills and needs, my parents have still managed to help me go to back to college to pursue my dreams. Like I said, they believe in me, and because of him & my mother I believe in love. They deserve the world.

(posted on blog as my inspiration in life.)

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