The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Working for the Grammys as my first Red Carpet event, was an amazing experience. The exposure to both the media and celebrities is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Did anyone else notice all the red worn on the red carpet? I know 2013 is the year of Emerald- but I’m loving the traditional bold red statement gowns that many stars choose to wear.  Here are a few of my personal favorites!
What I took away from this job experience: I was able to learn about the sponsors of the Grammys, and see new items and/or garments that were given to the guests in their gift bags. Since celebrities are fashion icons for many American’s, seeing the gift bag items was unique in itself. I was exposed to brands we might expect to see more of this coming season. Being a “guest escort” (entailed talking to, and directing guests from destination A to destination B) gave me full access to networking with people working in this industry. I was able to meet people who work for companies that I hold an interest in such as People Magazine, E! network, etc. Talking with these representatives was a perfect way to learn about what opportunities might be available within their companies. 
I personally had an amazing time working for this production, it was a great learning experience. I can’t wait for the Guild Awards (tomorrow) & the Oscars this weekend! Who would have thought moving to California without any form of a plan would turn out so amazing!
Until next time.
–A Blonde Point of Veiw 

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