Simply Lace & Crochet

Island life is the life for me.. 
I am currently a Los Angeles resident, originally from Michigan (a beautiful state that is surrounded by water and beaches). I’m told I was born on the ‘hottest day’ in August, & have always lived for summer- I like to believe I was born with beach in my veins 🙂 . My family still lives in Michigan & like most Michiganders when winter hits, they head south to maintain their everyday Vitamin D. Luckily for me, my parents have a home in Florida located on the Gulf side of the state. I believe in two key items when vacationing to any tropical destination: Lace & crochet! They are simple and classic. I’m a lace and crochet addict already, but here are some shots of my latest and greatest piece! 
Dress: RipCurl
Swimsuit: Target

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