A Nautical Shower

A few weekends ago I had the honor of hosting my sister in-laws baby shower.  I had originally planned for the shower to be held at the park, but the odd’s were stacked against me weather-wise.  With some last minute planning I had my house all set up and ready for the party.  Now I just have to sit and wait (impatiently) for these twin boys to arrive!!
Here are some pictures from the party.
family m (1 of 28)
family m (2 of 28)
family m (24 of 28)family m (7 of 208)
family m (10 of 28)
family m (6 of 208)
family m (2 of 208)
family m (90 of 208)
family m (67 of 208)
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.42.23 PM

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I’m in love with your blog. Lovely post! Very well written. Keep in touch.


So many beautiful pics!It’s a delight to watch & read your blog!


Gorgeous outfit and pictures, as always!


Great photos. Lovely and inspiring designs.


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