Charles Peter Mustich – Birth Story

Due Date: August 17th 2017
Date of Birth: August 9th, 2017 …

Our Labor and delivery starts on Tuesday, August 8th 2017, at 3:30pm.  August 8th was my second official day of maternity leave, & I thought I would treat myself to a prenatal massage.  Little did I know 2 hours following the massage the real labor contractions would begin. I called my husband (Pete) who was at work around 4:30pm to tell him, “I’m having contractions, and I don’t think these are Braxton hicks anymore… They hurt pretty bad but they are 10 minutes apart right now. So it could be awhile…”   By 10:00ish PM we were 4-3 minutes apart and heading to Cedars Sinai per my doctors request. We were in triage for almost 2 hours before being officially admitted into labor and delivery.  That being said, we did NOT take any birthing classes – we had no idea what to expect for this entire process, and I kind of liked it that way.  I fly by the seat of my pants in most things, and I had the mind set of “we as women have been doing this FOREVER, so I’ve got this!”

Once we were in Labor and Delivery I was offered the epidural.  Now I am a fainter, I can not see my IV drip or any shots / needles so the idea of the epidural was terrifying to me.  But somehow the pain of the contractions had me 100% on board with the epidural.  Two words for you, “GAME. CHANGER.”  Once I had the epidural, I passed out and pretty much slept through the rest of my labor.  I would wake up and watch some contractions come and go on the monitor and think “man, I bet those hurt pretty bad..” and then I would fall back asleep.  I stayed at 4cm for a long time so my doctor ended up ordering pitocin.  Within an hour of the pitocin I was fully dilated and ready to to deliver.  I pushed for an hour and half then Charles was here, the second we heard that first cry our lives were forever changed.

Birth Time: 5:11pm
Birth Weight: 6 lbs 12oz
Birth Length: 21 inches

40 Hadiths  offers a breathtaking fresh 48 session.  She comes to you and takes pictures within the first 48 hours of your babys birth. Once again, I highly recommend this award winning photographer!

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Our iPhone Labor Pictures –

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