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Since I’ve had a lot of questions about what nursing bra’s I wear, or where I’ve bought some of my nursing dresses, etc.  I wanted to do a quick little round up of my favorite nursing friendly outfit options that I’ve worn in the last 4 months!

The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of me trying to feel “cute” while still thinking practical when it comes to my clothing.  I’ll always remember the first two weeks of nursing…  It felt like “I’m never going to be able to leave the house. Ever.  I have nothing to wear (to feed the baby) even if I decide to actually leave the house.  AND the baby eats EVERY. TWO. HOURS. (Meaning the baby starts eating at 1:00pm feeds until 1:45pm and is due to eat again at 3:00pm?!  -AMiRIGHT?-  Granted, feeding time changes as they get older)…  haha, but as a new mom the idea of going out and about can be overwhelming! I’m sure I’m not the only new nursing mommy out there that has went through this dilemma, nor will I be the last, but I still want to feel like I look nice while nursing on the go! Too much to ask? Not at all, I’ve been on a mission to find items that make me feel confident, without breaking the bank on “nursing clothes”.   Below I will share where I bought some of these items.  Please bare with me as these outfits have been pulled together over the last 4 months therefore I will not have links to everything – SORRY.   However, you can always look online for similar styles from the stores I shop at.

Next week I will share my number one nursing hack!  Its for nursing in public if you’re shy like me.

  1. Grey “everyday” Dress – This dress IS a nursing dress, I swear I’ve worn it 100 times already…  It was from H&M and sadly they no longer have the light weight summer option available but they do have this cute updated version for winter. The denim Jacket  is from the GAP similar style here. (the lighter color will be available again come spring, they always have it)
  2. Cozy Stay at home mom look – I love that this T-shirt is loose fitted and its v-neck (v-necks are my favorite for nursing..) This one is from Madewell its old, similar style here.  Oversized Cardigan is from Target, similar style here. Dark Grey legging is from The Loft.

  1. Olive Green button front Dress – This is another H&M nursing dress!  Similar style here. Sandals are JCrew from 2 years ago.  I wear this dress ALL. THE. TIME. I also wore this dress on Thanksgiving with an oversized cardigan and booties to change it up and create a fall look!
  2. Ripped Jeans look – This super cute shirt is from Free people & its perfect for nursing on the go! The Bralette I’m wearing is lined with a soft cotton and provides good coverage while being practical for nursing, the jeans are Zara, a similar style here, & Shoes Steve Madden last year.

(Olive Green Nursing dress worn again on Thanksgiving)

  1. Lounge outfit / burgundy Pj dress – This is a good one! If you are pregnant or have a friend who is pregnant- GO BUY IT NOW! It is a perfect item for your hospital bag or as a baby shower gift for the friend who is expecting.  This is an item every new mom will thank you for later.   Vaginal or C-section this dress will keep you cozy in the hospital, and its practical for nursing. I cant find a link for it but I bought it in store at Nordstrom. I also have this nursing chemise that I LOVE, it’s super comfortable – a friend of mine gave this to me for my hospital bag and it was a life saver, its all I wore in the beginning. The beige Cardigan pictured above is from target!
  2. Black & white look- Black nursing cami,  the plaid button down shirt is from Old Navy, I styled mine tied my vs. buttoning all the way down – similar style here, Jeans Zara, Shoes Topshop last season.

I hope this was helpful and / or encouraging to new nursing mama’s out there!  If you are just starting your nursing journey I wish you best of luck – and remember it DOES get easier, I promise!

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