Easy DIY Diaper Cake

Have you ever had too many diapers left over once your baby outgrows one size and moves on to the next?  Or do you have a friend who is having a baby and you’re about to spend a fortune on a pre-made diaper cake that you found on etsy (guilty, I did this before)…  However I learned just how easy it is to make your own diaper cake last week!

My friend (Jessy) and I go to a mommy and me fitness class a few times a week, and our amazing fitness instructor is having a baby very soon.  Since we both had diapers left over we decided to combine what we had, buy a few new items, and make our own simplified diaper cake!  Rolling the diapers up for your typical diaper cake is a big time commitment and with little ones time is not always on your side…  Instead we opted for wrapping the diapers in cake pans, rubber banding them, then wrapping the diapers with burp cloths.  Ribbon was an added aesthetic choice that really helped to complete the look.  See below for the process!

Helpful Tip:  Safety pins hold the diaper cloths in place.  This was our first attempt at diaper cake making and I think it turned out pretty cute!

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