36 Children (Innovations in Education) by Herbert Kohl

By Herbert Kohl

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But just then, the guards came running in. ’After twenty years of planing, the Persians were finally ready. The King sent out more of his armies before the Persians burn more of Greece. Megas was lose, he got some armor on, and then went to fight. The war was still on! Greek temples were being destroyed villages, even cities! Marathon was being destroyed by the Persians. The news came to Athens. Then Athens sent out their war ships to attack the Persians on sea! Athens helped Marathon to defeat the Persians, and Pericles the Athenian leader helped his army defeat the Persians and the Persian rule, and the Persian empire.

He grew up fine looking, handsome, but not strong, he was weak and sickly. When he got about eighteen years old his mother was killed by a Roman soldier who had hated his family. He was mad at this! So he set out alone on foot. He went to Greece. He was walking down the road lethargectly. Then, from behind, a whip hit him on the back! He fell on his chest, dazed by the slash of the burning whip. He couldn’t tell wheater he was bleeding, dying or what. Then the daze suddenly went away. Then he could hear the Latin words that he had learned.

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