A Creole Lexicon: Architecture, Landscape, People by Jay Dearborn Edwards, Nicolas Kariouk Pecquet Du Bellay De

By Jay Dearborn Edwards, Nicolas Kariouk Pecquet Du Bellay De Verton, William R. Brockway, Charles Funderburk

All through Louisiana’s colonial and postcolonial classes, there developed a hugely really expert vocabulary for describing the region’s structures, humans, and cultural landscapes. This creolized language a special mixture of localisms and phrases borrowed from French, Spanish, English, Indian, and Caribbean assets constructed to fit the multiethnic wishes of settlers, planters, explorers, developers, surveyors, and govt officers. this day this historical vernacular is frequently opaque to people who have to comprehend its meanings, yet with A Creole Lexicon, Jay Edwards and Nicholas Kariouk supply a hugely equipped source for its restoration. Newly produced diagrams and drawings, in addition to unique reproductions, and 16 topic indexes help in making this a useful reference for exploring and retaining Louisiana’s cultural background.

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It might be used as the base for another piece of furniture. See Cajun armoire, creole armoire, vétiver (2). 2) Occasionally, a cupboard (McDermott 1941:15), or 3) a clothes closet (Valdman et al. 1998:276). armoire à glace (F, FC n, f). A mirror-fronted armoire with a single door (Harrison 1997:752–3). armoire acadienne (cajenne) (F, FC n, f ). See Cajun armoire. armoire créole (FC n, f). See creole armoire. armurier (F n, m). An armorer or gunsmith. One François Forestier of St. Malo, a locksmith, emigrated from France in 1720 and became the armurier of the Louisiana colony (Reynolds 1942:212).

1) Workshop, studio. See chantier (1), taller. 2) American colonies: the slaves owned by a planter, a businessman, or the crown. atraveseña (SpC n, f). Vulg.

Was sometimes referred to with this name (Chardon 1980:145). Because a French arpent was roughly equivalent to an acre, the term was sometimes loosely and incorrectly translated as an acre in English. See acre. 7 sq. 8 Eng. ft. 7 sq. ). 25 sq. meters. The superficial arpent continued to be used in Louisiana through the Spanish period. , even. This expanded the superficial (French) arpent by 63 sq. ft. to 36,864 sq. ft. (Walker 1995:2). 3 sq. ft. (Rolston & Stanton 1999:64, #515; Ekberg 1996a:473).

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