A history of Korean literature by Peter H. Lee

By Peter H. Lee

This accomplished narrative historical past of Korean literature offers crucial info for students and scholars in addition to others. Combining background and feedback, the examine displays the newest scholarship and comprises an account of the improvement of all genres. In 25 chapters, it covers twentieth-century poetry, fiction by way of ladies, and the literature of North Korea. it will likely be a huge contribution to the sector and a learn that may stay for a few years the first source for learning Korean literature.

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Chinese verse form consisting of 4 jueju penta- or heptasyllabic lines. The third line tends to introduce a critical turn. A single rhyme is used, nearly always in the level tone in the even-numbered lines. The distribution of level tones and deflected tones follows a fixed pattern. Kaeby˘ok (The beginning, June 1920 – August 1926). Periodical sponsored by Ch’˘ondogyo (the Heavenly Way religion) that issued 72 numbers and was closed down by the Japanese censors; republished from November 1934 to February 1935 and again from January 1946 to March 1949.

Anonymous Kory˘o love song, spoken by a woman, consisting of 4 2-line stanzas with a refrain at the end of each stanza. (1376–1433). Writer of 5 devotional songs in ky˘onggi-ch’e Kihwa, Monk form. (b. 1965). Contemporary woman writer of fiction. Kim Ch’aew˘on Kim Ch’anghy˘op (1651–1708). Master of old-style Chinese prose. (b. 1941). Poet and activist who wrote a number of satirical Kim Chiha verses beginning with “Oj˘ok” (Five outlaws, 1970). His current project, Taes˘ol Nam (Big story south), began in 1982.

Ong Kojip ch˘on (Tale of the miser Ong Kojip). A work in the p’ansori repertory now lost. (Dream of Ongnin). Traditional long narrative fiction Ongnin mong in Chinese and Korean, attributed to Yi Ch˘ongjak (1678–1758), about the conflict between two women. (Dream of the jade tower). Anonymous traditional ficOngnu mong tion in 64 chapters in Chinese and Korean known for its tight structure. o˘r˘um . Tightrope walking. (Songs of five relations). Anonymous ky˘onggi-ch’e song “Oryun ka” of the five relations composed in early fifteenth century and recorded in lii Glossary (Words for songs and music).

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