A Pictorial History of the Vietnam War by Richard F. Newcomb

By Richard F. Newcomb

A Pictorial heritage of the Vietnam warfare.

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They brought with them the traditions of the First Special Service Force of World War II, the "Devil's Brigade," which had served with distinction in the Aleutians, North Africa, Italy, and southsent thirty more and first instructors ern France. " gave the word, and Viet Minh supporters inside South Vietnam began a cam- But paign of assassination of local leaders. In the chiefs, rural police, school teachers, As and last half of 1957, hundreds of village district officials the terror spread south early in 1958, Diem were murdered.

Laos had only two or three million people (nobody knew for sure), but by the time Kennedy came to office the United States had already poured $300 million of "aid" money, mostly military, into the country to support the Royal Laotian Army, in the hope that it would one day repay American kindness. The Soviet Union had likewise been supporting its own interests through the Pathet Lao, a pro-Communist faction. March 1961, the Pathet Lao, armed by a massive Soviet airlift, opened an offensive. The Royal Laotian Army immediately began a retreat.

What place for 24 — Geneva was time time, it hoped, to save a some brand of American democracy in an Asian sea of communism. the United States did gain at 2 The Eisenhower Years 1954-60 agreements made The geneva though was not in Asia, weak nations, a fundamental change in the balance of power They created two small, each supported by strong world powers: North Vietnam, backed by clearly seen at the time. this China and the Soviet Union; South Vietnam, backed by the United States. Physically the two Vietnams were about the same size (each 65,000 square miles, a little larger than Florida), and about equal in population, with some twelve million people in each half.

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