A Spirit of Tolerance: The Inspiring Life of Tierno Bokar by Amadou Hampate Ba

By Amadou Hampate Ba

Tierno Bokar (1875-1939), African mystic and Muslim religious instructor, was once striking for the drama of his existence tale (which used to be made right into a fresh play directed by way of Peter Brook). His message of non secular tolerance and common love is profoundly very important in an international the place diverse faiths are frequently at odds with one another.

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AUTHOR’S PREFACE to the 1980 edition of Tierno Bokar, le Sage de Bandiagara There is a story behind this book. It may be useful to recall it briefly, for no other reason than to pay homage to the memory of the man who allowed me to publish a first version of the life of Tierno Bokar. I am speaking of Marcel Cardaire, the co-author of the book Tierno Bokar, le Sage de Bandiagara (Tierno Bokar, the Sage of Bandiagara) published in 1957 by Éditions Présence Africaine. It was thanks to Marcel Cardaire’s stubborn courage, patience, and above all his spirit of justice that this book could be published.

He was to live the last fortyseven years of his life at Bandiagara, in his little compound, where the desire to teach would blossom and would become an urgent necessity. He would die without completely satisfying it because of the spitefulness and the ignorance of men. It was a humble compound, a very modest settlement. At the end of a small street, it broadened into a courtyard that was used by everyone. A very low narrow door carved into a mud and straw wall gave out onto another smaller courtyard, onto which opened three or four small huts.

One of these friendships was to quickly change Tierno’s life and would give him the opportunity to finish his education and share his teaching with others. There was a young man in the association of young people into which Bokar Paté had introduced Tierno Bokar, who very soon became Tierno’s friend. This was Tijani Amadou Ali Thiam,21 the son of the chief of the large province of Louta. The three young men made 20 Editor’s note: Tanagra refers to a style of ancient Greek statuettes. These figurines portrayed women and children in great detail, engaged in the activities of everyday life.

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