A Woman Soldier's Own Story: The Autobiography of Xie by Bingying Xie

By Bingying Xie

For the 1st time, an entire model of the autobiography of Xie Bingying (1906-2000) presents a desirable portrayal of a lady battling to loose herself from the restrictions of old chinese language culture amid the dramatic adjustments that shook China in the course of the Twenties, '30s, and '40s.

Xie's makes an attempt to turn into informed, her struggles to flee from an prepared marriage, and her luck in tricking her approach into army tuition demonstrate her persevering and unconventional personality and trace on the prominence she used to be later to achieve as a massive determine in China's political tradition. although she used to be tortured and imprisoned, she remained dedicated to her convictions. Her own fight to outline herself in the better context of political switch in China early within the final century is a poignant testomony of decision and a notable tale of 1 woman's trip from outdated China into the recent world.

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On that night my grandma told me several stories, for I ran to her bed to sleep and nurse my wounds. Father loved most of all to plant flowers. Behind our house was his garden. In spring and summer, winter and fall, this garden was bursting with many kinds and colors of flowers, as well as with pomelos, oranges, cherries, plums, pears, loquats—all sorts of fruit trees—and here were many 10 Childhood bamboos and pines, and when the thorny bright roses opened up, the entire garden sparkled, and all day long the yellow oriole cried .

You go and ask him,” we said in one voice. So she actually went to the boys’ school and asked Mr. Zhong to come and hold class but on one condition: he must not smile at young girls, since people would see him and call it improper. “Huh? Not smile? ” Mr. Zhong now really exploded. “From the time I was little I liked to smile, and when I grew big I smiled at everything. Even when faced with cats or dogs, with grass or trees or birds or beasts, I would smile. What is so terrible about a smile? It is not a poisonous snake, a vicious animal.

More than half the young girls who picked tea leaves were children being kept to be daughters-in-law. Their lives were full of hardship. Every day each girl had to pick at least 140 or 150 pounds of tea leaves, yet her pay was only twenty or so copper coins. She had to give this money to her future mother-in-law. If a girl was discovered holding back a coin or two for herself, her mother-in-law would burn her entire body with a red-hot iron. These girls seldom ate a full meal. They ate either sweet potatoes or very coarse wheat cakes, and they never tasted a single piece of meat except during the New Year Festival.

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