A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to by William S. Leigh

By William S. Leigh

Booklet by way of Leigh, William

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The wife took the plane, but when she got to the hospital, she reported that she had experi­ enced no pain since leaving my office. The doctors canceled the operation, and she flew home. I completed a series of ten sessions, and then she became preg­ nant. I worked her through her pregnancy. Her back handled the extra weight with no unnatural discomfort. Getting Taller He was one of those tall ectomorphs—long, skinny legs, high, coat-hanger shoulders—and not much meat to work with. He loved running, and it was a major part of his life.

What should I do? I called her by name and asked how she felt. I asked if she could hear me. No response. I felt helpless, at a complete loss about what to do. I tried again to talk to her, to get some response by touching her. She just lay there, limp and lifeless. We were at a ski resort. I put on my shoes and coat and went out into the snow and walked up and down the road for awhile, thinking. What would I do if she never came back? I would have to call a doctor friend from town and have him come up and take over.

He was an extremely successful busi­ nessman who truly excelled. He was a fine man, an achiever, a pusher. Looking inside himself and meditating were not his bag. As I pushed with my fingers, attempting to get into his tissue, I could feel his tissue pushing back. We were pushing against each other, and he experienced pain. If I pushed harder, he pushed back harder to keep me out. Neither of us could win. I love the man, I respect the man, but I could not get my job done with him. The Big Husband and the Fragile Wife Jim explained how he wanted to be Rolfed and knew he would have no problem with pain.

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