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PowerShell and WMI


PowerShell and WMI is an example-driven consultant for directors dealing with networks of home windows servers and pcs. With one hundred fifty functional examples, together with ready-to-reuse scripts and strategies, you'll examine the bits and bobs of automating WMI through PowerShell v3. You'll additionally locate deep assurance of all points of home windows management, together with IIS, DNS and Hyper-V.
concerning the Technology
WMI, by itself, is just a set of home windows administration amenities. Paired with PowerShell, besides the fact that, WMI turns into an excellent toolset for automating servers, networks, and distant home windows computers.
in regards to the Book
PowerShell and WMI is an industrial-strength advisor for directors of home windows networks, servers, and computers. You'll begin with useful overviews of PowerShell and of WMI. Then you'll discover a hundred and fifty particular examples—all with ready-to-use scripts—designed to simplify your daily method administration. every one validated procedure is configured to load as a part of a PowerShell module.

A set of convenient appendixes contains references for PowerShell and WMI. earlier publicity to PowerShell and WMI is beneficial yet no longer required.

Purchase contains unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBooks downloadable at manning. com.
What's within* handling home windows, IIS, and Hyper-V
* distant pcs and units
* Logs, jobs, and function
* New PowerShell v3 WMI functionality


desk of Contents
* fixing administrative demanding situations
* utilizing PowerShell
* WMI extensive
* most sensible practices and optimization
* process documentation
* Disk structures
* Registry management
* Filesystem management
* companies and techniques
* Printers
* Configuring community adapters
* dealing with IIS
* Configuring a server
* clients and safeguard
* Logs, jobs, and function
* Administering Hyper-V with PowerShell and WMI
* WMI over WSMAN
* your individual WMI cmdlets
* CIM cmdlets and classes

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Here are two anomalies arising from constraint violation. • A5A Read Skew: Suppose transaction T1 reads x, and then a second transaction 2 updates x and y to new values and 20 Chapter 2 TRANSACTIONS AND CONCURRENCY CONTROL COMMITs. If now T1 reads y, it may see an inconsistent state, and therefore produce an inconsistent state as output. • A5B Write Skew: Suppose T1 reads x and y, which are consistent with constraint C, and then a T2 reads x and y, writes x, and COMMITs. Then T1 writes y. If there were a constraint between x and y, it might be violated.

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