Advances in Biomedical Engineering. Volume 6 by J.H.U. Brown, James Francis Dickson

By J.H.U. Brown, James Francis Dickson

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Figure 11 shows the expected shape of the normal impedance Imaginary (cmH20/LPS) f=5Hz _J_5 FIG. 11. Shape of normal impedance function in complex plane. 1 cm H 2 0/LPS; frequency range, 5-65 Hz. PARAMETER ESTIMATION IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS 33 function in the complex plane. For diagnostic applications, it is important to distinguish between airway (Kaw) and lung-chest wall (Rt) resistance, Compared in this figure are the complex plane loci for two different distri­ butions of ,Raw and Rt with the sum of the two (total respiratory system resistance) kept fixed.

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