Alive and Well in Pakistan by Ethan Casey

By Ethan Casey

Casey updates his realizing of the Pakistan event and units it inside of a context of contemporary and modern historical past. He humanises family politics, attitudes in the direction of the West and India in addition to the Kashmir and Afghanistan matters. His literary reportage demystifies the uneasy position Pakistan occupies in an doubtful global.

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You send photo,’ he said. ’ With Nazir I walked through the empty hotel, to a room on the 24 Pakistan Book 21/7/04 5:52 pm Page 25 A DEPICTION OF SOMETHING TRUE second floor with a double view of the lake and the mountains, like the view Naipaul had enjoyed. ‘Mr Naipaul loved the scenery,’ remembered Nazir. He was a quiet, diffident young man, self-contained, seemingly shy. I asked if he had read about himself in India: A Million Mutinies Now. Naipaul had sent them a copy, he said (he didn’t say if he had read it), but someone had borrowed it and not returned it.

Kashmir had been under special President’s Rule without interruption since 19 January 1990, the date of the second coming of the notorious Governor Jagmohan. ‘Here they continue it with impunity, and they don’t even bother to amend the constitution. You have all the constitutions, all the laws, and they can say that those are available to the people in Kashmir. And yet people are being killed like cattle. Genocide is going on here. ’ He noted the three options Kashmiris theoretically had before them: remaining with India, joining Pakistan, or becoming independent.

But I don’t think he will succeed,’ he said, falteringly. ’ To make a short cut, Haji and I climbed a chain-link fence, and I watched with horrified admiration as this diabetic sexagenarian jumped ten feet to the ground. Around us, men and boys streamed away in groups, chanting: ‘Azaadi! Azaadi! ’ Freedom! I spent a lot of time on the ground in Kashmir with Kashmiris, then later stepped back and looked at it again from afar. And I listened not only to Kashmiris’ stories, but also to their opinions and to what they said they wanted.

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