American kinship: a cultural account --2nd ed. by David Murray Schneider

By David Murray Schneider

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Sexual intercourse between husband and wife is | not only an act which specifically defines the conjugal relationship, but | it is also an act which is a sign of love. Not only is adultery wrong because by definition sexual intercourse is the distinctive feature of the conjugal relationship, but it is also a sign that the love which is embodied in sexual intercourse is directed at someone other than the person has been treated as a mere form of gratification animal, not human, in its , meaning.

And for the wife to tend the , baby may express her love not only for the baby but also for her husband, the baby's father. To tell the truth may be the essence of diffuse solidarity in one context and to tell a lie may be its highest expression , in another. But by the very same token the sign of love in the wrong context or , the wrong way may be the sj gn that there is no love. Having the house so neat and clean that it cannot be lived in may not express solidarity at all, but only that the other person does not really belong in the house that it is not his home.

Morality and sentiment in turn are the essence of the spiritual quality of love for they transcend small and petty considerations of private gain or advan, tage or mere gratification. And as money is material its quality is of the moment. It is destructible and its transitory nature is paramount But love is spiritual, enduring, and indestructible. And so relations of money have narrow, specific ends and the relations are not only transient but also destructive of spiritual values, , A vacation is productive-of many fish, or animals killed, or pictures painted, or books read-not because these things are productive for money, but because that is what one likes to do.

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