An Architecture of the Ozarks: The Works of Marlon Blackwell by Marlon Blackwell

By Marlon Blackwell

"I reside, perform, train, and construct in northwest Arkansas, within the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. it is a position thought of to be in the midst of nowhere, but satirically on the subject of in all places. it really is an atmosphere of actual normal good looks and, concurrently, certainly one of actual developed ugliness. Abandonment, exploitation, erasure and nostalgia are all facets of this position and are stipulations as real as its usual good looks and native shape. This land of disparate stipulations in not only a environment for my paintings -- it truly is a part of the paintings. via picking to reside and paintings the following -- to name it domestic -- i have been in a position to get past the outside of items, to show over the rock and become aware of the advanced and wealthy underbelly of my position -- its visceral presences and expressive personality -- that so informs and sustains my efforts. i'm operating from the conviction that structure is greater than the topic of architecture." --Marlon BlackwellMarlon Blackwell is a passionate polemicist. he is additionally a really talented architect. The tasks during this first monograph at the "radical ruralist," as touted by means of the Royal Institute of British Architects, supply a brand new architectural language that straight away rejoice the vernacular and transgress the limits of the normal. the implications are -- we won't aid it, there is no greater notice -- beautiful.Incisive essays by means of David Buege, Dan Hoffman, and Juhani Pallasmaa and luxurious images by means of Tim Hursley, Richard Johnson, and Kevin Latady discover Blackwell's tasks, together with his largely acclaimed Keenan TowerHouse, the award-winning Moore HoneyHouse, 2Square apartment, and Flynn-Schmitt BarnHouse, studios, and institutional constructions.

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The sun moves across these mountains and creates an ever-changing canvas of light on the panorama. A massive concrete block wall is aligned along the ridge and anchors the structure physically and symbolically—it is a formal edge between the house and the wilderness. ” The large opening beneath the perched study tower acts metaphorically as an entry into the landscape. The experience of the expanding landscape, from this vantage point, is echoed in the opening of the interior space into a double-height central space visible upon entry.

The former possesses a masonry side that faces the ridge and the open landscape and is juxtaposed to a timber facade that confronts the direction of entry. The metal end walls of the latter structure differ from its wood and concrete block facades. This strategy of architectural hybridization (an approach mastered by Alvar Aalto in Finland) gives rise to narrative readings—the unrelated parts suggest different origins, references, and functions, and they acquire their full artistic motivation as components of the collage.

12], for example, evokes a caddish fly larva with its casing. The pattern of vertical boards of its stair shaft deliberately recalls the texture of tree bark interpreted as an enlarged abstraction of the biological original. The Guardhouse at the entrance to the Blessings Golf Clubhouse [fig. 13] also elevates its top part in a bestial gesture, not unlike a prairie dog’s upright pose. The evocation of animal imagery in Blackwell’s buildings is deliberate; in fact, in his architecture courses he has repeatedly assigned insects or turtle shells as objects of study and analysis and as sources of inspiration for generating novel architectural structures.

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