An Ocean in Common: American Naval Officers, Scientists, and by Gary E. Weir

By Gary E. Weir

Via global conflicts and the chilly conflict, the united states army and American ocean scientists drew nearer, changing a wedding of necessity right into a courting of accomplishment. starting in 1919, this learn strains the 1st forty two years in their joint quest to appreciate one another and the deep ocean.

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After reading the names of thirty-six expeditions undertaken by a dozen countries extending as far back as 1868, Littlehales remarked that general human knowledge of the world ocean had progressed signiWcantly since the end of the nineteenth century. Did this progress warrant shifting from general studies to particular, more precisely deWned investigations? Perhaps the scientiWc community should sponsor a series of cruises, each with a restricted a focus in a particular region. This could provide in-depth knowledge about marine life, water temperature and salinity, and, with the aid of the SDF, a view of ocean-bottom contours never seen.

Although the conference placed the greatest emphasis on geology and geophysics, those problems given priority represented all of the major disciplines within the Weld of oceanography. The invention of the SDF created many opportunities to study the conWguration of the ocean bottom. Those interested in the Earth’s crust no longer suVered from blindness. ” Greater understanding of the sediments that compose the ocean bottom as well as violent changes caused by earthquakes and volcanoes now appeared to scientists in the broader context of ocean-bottom proWles and some of the Wrst regional maps of the ocean Xoor.

Exploring Expedition and Lt. 1 A variety of ambitions drove the former Swathmore physicist. Saving the NRL and nurturing its scientiWc programs emerged asthe primary public motive. If the NRL received adequate funding, then his own research on underwater sound and sonar would Xourish in the navy’s most advanced scientiWc facility. While this certainly provided a personal catalyst, a more productive naval-scientiWc relationship emerged from the memorandum as the author’s central ambition. It suggested the need to go beyond the necessary and useful 21 22 AN OCEAN IN COMMON work of developing charts, instruments, and aids to navigation at the Hydrographic OYce and the Naval Observatory.

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