Apparitions of the Self: The Secret Autobiographies of a by Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

By Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

An research into what's identified in Tibet as "secret autobiography", a literary style that offers a private exploration of intimate non secular studies. The textual content specializes in the key autobiographies via the Tibetan Buddhist visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730-1798), whose writings are as a lot the character of his personal identification, reminiscence and the undecidabilities of autobiographical fact as they're narrations of the particular content material of his personal reports. The e-book examines the questions of why Tibetan Buddhists produced such a lot of autobiographies, and the way autobigraphical self-assertion is feasible even whereas Buddhists think that the self is eventually an phantasm. additionally explored are Jigme Lingpa's ancient milieu, his revelatory visions of the traditional Tibetan dynasty, and his mediative practices of non-public cultivation

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In speech, diligence in poetic song and mantric utterance! And possession of the name Padma, from Padma[sambhava]t 34 DANCING MOON IN THE WATER 3· As for the mind, they remember me one-pointedly with mighty longingt Nailed in, they think of nothing but thist To have three together is excellent; two together middlingt One together is lowest, but anyway [one is] still a destined [discoverer]t just as that indicates, I have thirty red mole spots indicating the shape of a vajra around my heart. And at my navel I have about thirty red moles indicating the shape of a bell.

If you examine it thoroughly. it's [hollow] like the plantain. Thus the agent that makes the dreamlike receptacle of all phenomena enter into or reject merit or demerit is only karma and its maturation. There is no other actor. As Great One of Orgyan said, If the great injurious Lord of Hell is a sentient being, then where does his sin go? DANCING MOON IN THE WATER 17 For this reason, [one should beware]. Average people, blind with the cataracts of dimwittedness, not only have a heap of defiled, perverted behavior, but even produce proofs and charts about it, and present it as wonderful subject matter.

18 The latter is the kind of "confidenceengendering" account that Jigme Lingpa's secret autobiographies provide. In other Treasures this is sometimes perfunctory, with only bl,ief allusions to the circumstances of the discovery in a colophon or perhaps in a short separate text. 19 Jigme Lingpa's works are more developed examples of the genre, in which the apology is not limited to the Treasure revelation itself but covers other events in the discoverer's life as well. 20 The discoverer's personal account engenders confidence in several ways.

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