Applied Respiratory Physiology. With Special Reference to by J. F. Nunn

By J. F. Nunn

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They demonstrated qualitatively similar changes with fluroxene and cyclopropane. Essential points to be noted in Figure 9 are as follows. (1) Starting points are displaced to the right by deepening anaesthesia along the ventilation/Pco 2 relationship curve. This indicates a rising P c o 2 with a falling ventilation. (2) When challenged with exogenous (or rebreathed endogenous) carbon dioxide, the slope of the Pco 2/ventilation curve is progressively diminished as 34 CHEMICAL CONTROL OF BREATHING the anaesthesia is deepened.

This is a laborious undertaking but Munson and his colleagues (1966) have produced evidence to show that halothane produces 50 per cent depression of slope of Pco 2/ventilation response curve at M A C 1, while M A C 2-5 of cyclopropane is required for a similar effect. Ether spares ventilation to an even greater extent. Ventilatory effects of inhala tional anaesthetic agents are unlikely to be simply a matter of 'central depression of respiratory neurones'. Ether and cyclopropane are known to raise the level of circulating catecholamines, and noradrenalin is known to increase the slope of the Pco 2/ventilation response curve (Cunningham and his colleagues, 1963; Dejours, 1966).

Are frustrated by rapid equilibration of carbon dioxide between perfusate and tissue (Mitchell and his colleagues, 1 9 6 3 ; Pappenheimer and his colleagues, 1965). F. pH may be studied by this means. F. by reduction of bicarbonate resulted in a stimulation of ventilation which was about 60 per cent of the level obtainable by inhalation of the corresponding concentration of carbon dioxide. F. F. of appropriate bicarbonate concentration. F. receptors than in Mitchell's experiments. There is also the important consideration of species difference since the relative importance of peripheral and central chemoreceptors is known to differ markedly between certain species.

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