ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 13: Warming Your Hands by G.yu lha

By G.yu lha

Lavrung is a bit studied Qiangic language spoken through a small crew of Tibetans in Rangtang County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang self reliant Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. This paintings offers the 1st monographic advent to Lavrung Tibetans and their language and tradition, targeting using trilingual (Lavrung, chinese language, and Tibetan) figurative speech in villagers' daily discourse. history on neighborhood oral traditions, together with folktales, riddles, paintings songs, and mystery healing chants, is additionally supplied. A Lavrung-English glossary, fifty-six full-color pictures, and several other maps exhibiting the site and distribution of Lavrung-speaking groups also are included.

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The Buddha said two thieves had stored a piece of gold under the tree where the two birds perched and if someone dug up that gold then their problem would vanish. As for the deer, a wish-fulfilling jewel grew on the deer's head. If the treasure was removed the deer would walk normally. As for the horse, if it had a master it would be fine. The old man set off home, met the horse, and conveyed the Buddha's message. The horse asked the old man to be his master. Then, the deer asked the old man to •47• remove the treasure from atop his head, and the two birds also asked the old man to take the gold after hearing the Buddha's message.

64 Told by Zhangs skyong (b. 1958). •57• mountain pasture where there was sufficient water and fodder, where they remained until it was time to plow. The mdzo were visited every six months to see if they were still there. Twice every year, Do lo went to the mountain to get the mdzo before returning to the village to plow. Then he took the mdzo to the zən pɑ rɛ Family with whom he shared it. The zən pɑ rɛ Family still lives in Siyuewu today and still tells this story. Do lo's house was very far from theirs – he needed to cross the river and climb up the slope to the other house in order to take the mdzo to them.

Mostly women spin prayer wheels in the morning and evening. Young people under twenty do not often spin prayer wheels because they find it boring. One person may spin 700 to 800 revolutions a day. Each family is asked by the local reincarnate lama to spin the prayer wheel a million times per year to ensure their safety. Many elders who no longer do heavy physical labor live in rooms near the monastery and circumambulate and 34 Guanyin (Thugs rje chen po) or Avalokiteshvara is a bodhisattva of compassion.

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