ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 22: Living and Dying at by Yin Dalong with CK Stuart

By Yin Dalong with CK Stuart

Teenagers in modern rural China have skilled an exceptional second; amid radical fiscal and social alterations that experience despatched their mom and dad to city facilities to generate income source of revenue, little ones were left at the back of to stay with older family members. This basic redefining of position, parenting, and residing has not often been written approximately via the youngsters themselves in English. Set in rural Hunan within the overdue 20th and early twenty-first centuries, this novel vividly describes farm creation, the shift from an agricultural lifestyle to a lifestyles financially supported by means of migrant hard work profits, neighborhood spiritual lifestyles, Huagu opera, schooling, complicated and violent relationships among relations and villagers, the deaths of the protagonist's (Maomao) mom and paternal grandmother, a marriage, funerals, and native gala's – from the point of view of a kid. Refusing to drop out of faculty and develop into a migrant employee or a soldier, Maomao finally achieves his dream of turning into a school scholar opposed to all odds. This unvarnished and vividly written description of a modern rural lifestyles in China is uniquely very important and beautiful to a extensive readership.

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Grandmother wa s reluctant to let Sister go, cried a lot, and said. "Take good care of y ourself! " Sister nodded, and said to her, "I' ll take good care of my self. " Sister kissed me and said, "Brother, I' m leaving. Please take care. " "I don' t know, b ut I' ll write y ou often," Sister said. The bus wa s starting. Sister and Au nt boarded it and soon vanished in the shadows of the road that led to Guangzhou. Grandmother and I kept waving, even after the bus wa s long out of sight. ·49· 7 ________________________________________________________ M LOSING GRAN DMOTHER paternal grandmother offered to care for me after Sister left to wo rk in Guangzhou.

Wherever she went, I followed. I began to regard her as the only one in the wo rld wh o could protect me, and I felt safe and happy wh en I wa s near her. Grandmother must have sensed that my attitude had changed, and became even kinder and talked to me more. While sewi ng, she told me many stories, such as this one: Long ago in a remote village, there was a student who loved reading. His father had very high expectations and sent him to the best private school in a nearby city. " After thinking for a while, the son shook his head and said, "I don't know.

At last, Uncle told us we were too y oung to fish and we should go to school, wh ich he described as much more interesting than fishing and swi mming. Our fathers also promised that we wouldn' t be harshly beaten. Relieved, we agreed to return. When we got back home that evening, many boy s came to visit Yao Zhiwei and me. They admired us and thought we were heroes. Instead of being angry and punishing me, Mother wa s delighted to see me again. She held me in her arms and kissed my cheek. I noticed that her ey es were red but, wh en I asked wh y , she just silently smiled.

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