ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 3: Deity Men by Snying bo rgyal and R Solomon Rino

By Snying bo rgyal and R Solomon Rino སྙིང་བོ་རྒྱལ་དང་སཱོ་ལི་མིན་རེས་ནཱོ། ༢༠༡༠།

དེབ་འདིས་ཀྲུང་གོའི་མཚོ་སྔོན་ས་ཁུལ་གྱི་ལྷ་པའི་འཚོ་བ་དང་། དེའི་སྤྱི་ཚོགས། ཆོས་ལུགས་་་་་་་
བཅས་ཀྱི་འགྱུར་ལྡོག་ལ་ཞིབ་འཇུག་གཏིང་ཟབ་མོ་ཞིག་བྱས་ཡོད་ལ། རྩོམ་པ་པོས་ཞིབ་བརྗོད་་་་
བབ་གསལ་བསྒྲགས་ཀྱང་བྱས་ཡོད། དེབ་འདིས་ཨེ་ཤེ་ཡའི་ཆོ་ག་དང་སྤྱི་ཚོགས་ལ་ཤེས་རྟོགས་་་་
-- -- མར་ཁཱི ཐྲུའུ་རིན། (གྲངས་འཛིན་ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡ་ལས་གཞི ཁམ་སྦི་རེས་ལྗི་སློབ་གྲྭ་ཆེན་མོ།)

This is a entire and very trained research of the altering social context and spiritual lives of lha pa, 'deity males' or god men,' in Qinghai Province, China. Snying bo rgyal and Rino's account of those Tibetan trance mediums who turn into possessed by way of mountain deities succeeds in either honoring the previous via an in depth description in their perform whereas acknowledging the expanding demanding situations to those traditions. This e-book is a vital contribution to the documentation and figuring out of Asian ritual and society.
Dr. Mark Turin, Director, electronic Himalaya undertaking, college of Cambridge, UK

A rigorously researched and wonderfully illustrated examine of a truly exact Tibetan village and its traditions within the multicultural Reb gong area of A mdo. the focal point is at the rituals and spiritual ideals hooked up with the trance mediums referred to as lha pa, often referred to as Tibetan 'shamans.' in line with box observations, interviews, and comparative proof, this is often descriptive and analytic anthropology at its top. the quantity contains genuine texts and a glossary.
--Dr. Juha Janhunen, collage of Helsinki

This is an interesting ethnographic learn of spirit mediums in A mdo revealing how their actions are being remodeled in a quickly altering world.

--Dr. Hildegard Diemberger, Director, Tibetan experiences, Mongolia and internal Asia reviews Unit, college of Cambridge

The lha pa of the villages of the Reb gong sector have drawn cognizance from either Tibetan authors and overseas students in fresh many years, yet have been usually noticeable simply as a marginal a part of glu roll/klu rol gala's. earlier the knowledge on them used to be very constrained and stemmed generally from the commentary of the pageant, which was once then defined and interpreted from the viewpoint of an outer observer. This valuable ebook provides house to the voices of area people and lha pa deliberately. Containing a large number of ethnographical facts, stories and narrations of local community, it attracts the reader to their worldview and way of life in an unheard of approach. It brings right down to earth a few of the scholarly speculations at the fairs and encompasses a good deal of latest details on Tibetan lha pa often. It can't be passed over through any researcher at the given zone. Congratulations to the authors.
--Dr. Daniel Berounsky, Charles collage, Prague

The authors, one an A mdo Tibetan, current a wealthy physique of narratives, descriptions and old information about the klu rol, essentially the most fascinating and excessive sequence of rituals enacted in jap Tibet. wide testimony is gifted from these concerned, together with numerous of these who're possessed via neighborhood deities throughout the klu rol, besides translations of the ritual texts. it is a wealthy and worthy source for all students operating within the region.
--Dr. Fernanda Pirie, Oxford University

In this completely documented learn of lha pa in 3 villages of Reb gong County, Snying bo rgyal and R. Solomon Rino acquire and current a very certain and wealthy set of tales, observations, and pictures in regards to the surroundings, rituals, views of and concerning the trance mediums, and the way those are all speedily altering. The authors decide to reduce their very own observation with a purpose to enable the lha pa converse: for themselves to the fullest volume attainable. The painstaking information, together with footnotes, Tibetan word list, village map, and translation of appropriate scriptures, should be of significant curiosity to experts and others attracted to Tibetan tradition. one of the interesting themes lined are the lha pa's reviews in their personal ownership and depossession via mountain deities, their self-perception, controversies over authenticity, and the ways that those practices intersect in unforeseen methods with new rules comparable to the 'New Socialist Countryside.'
--Dr. Emily T. Yeh, division of Geography, college of Colorado

Rich in illustrations and ethnographic element, this important paintings describes the little-known international of Tibetan trance mediums and their rites from an insider's perspective.
--Dr. Mark Bender, affiliate Professor, The Ohio kingdom University

Snying bo rgyal and Rino write meticulously approximately lha pa in a manner that offers a wealthy resource of knowledge for destiny scholars.
--Dpal ldan bkra shis, Humboldt collage, Berlin

This is a very lucid and intricately rendered description of Tibetan 'deity mediums,' an enormous cultural and political phenomenon within the A mdo Tibetan zone of Reb gong. The authors' cautious translations of interviews with younger and older mediums in a single village presents readers with a unprecedented glimpse on the transferring dynamics of the once-central establishment of deity ownership between farming Tibetans in reform-era China.
--Dr. Charlene Makley, Reed College

Deity males is an extraordinary insider's check out the area of Tibet's trance mediums and the deities they embody.
--John Vincent Bellezza

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