Assault from the sea : the amphibious landing at Inchon by Curtis A. Utz

By Curtis A. Utz

1st version, 1st printing, 1994. flippantly used replica in first-class situation.

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The cruiser’s skipper, Captain Jocelyn C. S. ” As that futile attack ended, an NKPA rifle battalion supported by a platoon of T-34s advanced against the lines of the 5th Marines. The North Korean units, which made no reconnaissance of UN positions, moved into a trap. The 5th Marines quickly destroyed the tank column. To the south, Colonel Lewis B. Puller’s leathernecks had a tougher fight. Elements of the 1st Marine Regiment, with the help of five Corsairs, fought their way through a heavily fortified defile on the road to Seoul.

With this light to guide them, the ships of the Advance Attack Group safely threaded their way through the treacherous approach to Inchon. In recognition of his heroic work off Inchon, the Navy awarded Lieutenant Eugene F. Clark the Silver Star and the Army presented him with the Legion of Merit. Uncertainty staged an elaborate deception operation. The purpose was to encourage the North Koreans to believe the landing would occur at Kunsan, 105 miles south of Inchon. FEAF bombers began isolating Kunsan on 5 September by bombing roadways and Air Force Douglas B-26 Invaders of the 3rd Bomb Group (Light) fire rockets at boxcars and other targets in the rail yard at Iri, near Kunsan.

Bass, the control ship for Red Beach, gave the signal for assault. Coxswains in the eight LCVPs of the first wave gunned their engines and conned their boats across the line of departure. Corsairs strafing the beach rained 20mm shell casings on the sailors and Marines in the landing craft. The assault forces welcomed all of this extra firepower. The causeway on the right flank of Red Beach reminded Marine Captain Francis I. , Commander of Company B, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, of the bloody World War II battle of Tarawa.

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