AWWA standard for polyurethane coatings for the interior and by American Water Works Association.; American National

By American Water Works Association.; American National Standards Institute

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If Vs move to T, there should be a VP boundary and an adverb might in fact be adjoined to or base generated in this Chapter 2 52 VP as in (108). This never occurs. In sentences with two adverbs, such as (107), the first one has scope over the second and the structure could not be as in (108) but must be as in (109) (the two adverbs are in bold): (107) vaak opzettelijk belemmerd heeft, 'often on purpose hindered has'. In (107), vaak 'often' has scope over opzettelijk 'on purpose' and should therefore c-command it.

Hence, V-to-T is not a likely rule and this is another indication that T and TP do not exist. , I discuss Right Node Raising and conjunction. The conclusion is that adjunction is to VP or to CP in languages such as Dutch. 1 Problems There are problems in discussing adjunction. First of all it is not clear where the subject is. If the subject is base generated in Spec VP and does not move out of this position, as in (85), the impossibility of adjunction between the subject and the complementizer shows that adjunction to VP does not exist.

Under this analysis, it could never be to VP. This is strange given the wide availability of adjunction to VP in other structures in Dutch. 2. that V-to-T movement cannot be correct. There are other accounts such as Travis (1984) and Zwart (1991; 1992b) that assume the  precedes the VP in (1). I discuss the latter's account. If one follows Kayne (1992), who argues movement is always to the left, this is the only possibility because Verb-movement as in (1) is to the right. Zwart assumes the pronoun 'r 'her' is a clitic and his evidence for the  VP order in Dutch is that if clitics adjoin to functional heads (based on Kayne 1991a), the -position would be the only appropriate head.

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