Banged Up: Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century by David Irving

By David Irving

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At the time, the jail existence extended forwards like a featureless landscape; and seen in reverse there was nothing that stood out to distinguish one day from the next. I wondered how Albert Speer had fared for twenty years, Nelson Mandela for over twenty-seven, and Rudolf Hess for forty-seven. At least I had my thoughts, and then my writing, to occupy me. “I was recently wondering,” I wrote to a friend as the bitter prison winter was left behind, and then the spring turned into summer, “why I was taking prison so very much in my stride, then found this passage in Decline and Fall (by Evelyn Waugh, published in 1928) in which our hero Paul Pennyfeather similarly muses, whilst in jail: .

At Christmas, one officer unlocked  Die finanziellen Verhandlungen 1944 zwischen dem ungarischen Judenführer Joel Brand und Adolf Eichmann zur Rettung der ungarischen Juden vor Auschwitz, im Spiegel des britischen Entzifferungsdienstes. By Krokodil to Vienna  Also called “Butcher” On March 23, 1962, a day before my twenty-fourth birthday, I interview Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris— “Bomber” Harris, a great commander, whose men have laid waste to Europe’s cities. He later writes me that I am the only historian he will ever trust.

The thugs in the yard complained indignantly to each other about all this lawbreaking, which is how I know about it. long after midnight the Krokodil drove into the covered reception yard of the Josefstadt prison in Vienna. The older hands told me this was right in the heart of the capital, next to the City Hall, but there was not a sound that would confirm this. No traffic noises, birdsong, planes, or sirens penetrated its walls. After a few months it was easy to believe we were nowhere near Vienna, just as it is hard to accept that the museums and Harrods are up above, as your underground train passes through South Kensington and Knightsbridge stations.

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