Battlefields of Texas by Bill Groneman

By Bill Groneman

Texas is a mix of many cultures and identities. "Such a mix doesn't come simply, even if. while a land as nice and wealthy as Texas adjustments arms such a lot of occasions, it doesn't achieve this peacefully." Texas has been the location of various battles; Adobe partitions, Blanco Canyon, Gonzales, Salado, San Jacinto, the Alamo, Palo Duro Canyon, and Rattlesnake Springs are only some of the many ancient websites tested in Battlefields of Texas. brilliant descriptions of the fields of conflict, person profiles of the members, and retrospective research of every conflict make this booklet a very good reference for Texas and army historians alike. Maps of a few of the battlefields and ancient images are integrated during this distinctive selection of Texas heritage.

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An attempt by one corporal and five enlisted men failed, so Ugartechea dispatched the force under Castañeda to make a stronger demand. Knowing the touchy situation, Ugartechea cautioned Castañeda to avoid armed conflict if possible. Castañeda and his men arrived at the Guadalupe River on September 29, 1835. " The eighteen informed Castañeda that he would have to wait on the west side of the river for the return of Andrew Ponton, the alcalde of Gonzales. Castañeda set up camp while the eight- Page 29 een began to receive reinforcements.

The Republican force lay flat on the ground and waited for the attack signal which was to be one tap of a drum. The Spanish closed to within 100 yards when the signal was given. The Mexicans on the left and Native Americans on the right charged on horseback. The Americans struck the center of the Spanish line with one group specifically assigned to seize the cannon. The mounted troops on either wing caused the ends of the Spanish line to collapse on itself. With the Americans attacking them from the front and the mounted troops hitting them from either side, the Spanish force became unable to fight and incapable of flight.

Outcome: Alazán was another victory for the Republican Army of the North. The most significant result of the battle was that the Republicans re-equiped their whole force with the windfall booty they seized. This included 5,000 pounds of gunpowder; 350 stands of arms; 1,000 horses and mules with saddles; plus food, clothing, money, tents, baggage, and the two cannon. Location: This battle took place on the Alazán Hill, a long sloping ridge between the Alazán and Apache Creeks to the northwest of San Antonio de Bexar.

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