Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy by George A. Olah

By George A. Olah

A truly necessary evaluate on present and destiny power resources and effort providers and an inspiring notion on methanol as a destiny carbon impartial strength service.

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In geological terms, and applied to fossil fuels, the reserve is the amount of material that can be recovered economically with known technology. A resource is the entire amount of the material known or estimated to exist, regardless of the cost or technological development needed to extract it. The amounts of energy contained in these categories change over time. Continued exploration and the discovery of new energy fields or advances in technology could transfer an energy source from the resource to the reserve category.

Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest oil reserves, and is the largest oil producer. Given its proven reserves of some 260 billion barrels, Saudi Arabia could produce 8 million barrels per day for 75 years without the discovery of any additional reserves. The largest oil field ever found is the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia, which contains about 7% of the known world oil reserves. There are almost 60 oil fields in Saudi Arabia, but oil is being produced from only a few. Together, all of the Saudi oil fields contain about one-fourth of the world’s oil reserves.

Sometimes, lightning strikes would ignite natural gas that was escaping from the Earth’s crust; this would create a fire coming from the Earth, burning the natural gas as it seeped out from underground. These fires puzzled most early civilizations, and were the root of much myth and superstition. One of the most famous of these flames was found in ancient Greece, on Mount Parnassus, approximately around 1000 bc. According to the legend, a goat herdsman came across what looked like a “burning spring”, a flame rising from a fissure in the rock.

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