Strahlenmedizin - Ein Leitfaden für den Praktiker by M. Krukemeyer, W. Wagner, Manfred Georg Krukemeyer

By M. Krukemeyer, W. Wagner, Manfred Georg Krukemeyer

This booklet provides the final practitioner with transparent and concise strategies for prognosis and remedy in sensible implementations of radiation medication. In radiology new technical advancements have brought a large spectrum of novel purposes to which many physicians have been by no means uncovered in the course of thier education and with which they're for this reason unusual. those new options are however crucial for a interdiciplinary therapy in accordance with evidence-based standards. The surgeon can be in a position to weigh prognosis and remedy possible choices with appreciate to bills and therefore organize and persist with his sufferers all through thier remedy. The layout of the ebook takes up this "recipe-like" constitution with margin commentaries containing symptoms, unwanted effects, and so on.

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Die Therapie der Syphilis: Ihre Entwicklung und ihr by Paul Mulzer, P. Uhlenhuth

By Paul Mulzer, P. Uhlenhuth

Eine Reihe del' besten und wirksalllsten Heilmittel im Kampfe gegen die Infektionskmnkheiten verdankt unser Arznei schatz nicht del' exakten wissenschaftlichen Forschung, sondeI'll del' rohen Empirie. lch nenne hier das Chinin, das Jod, die Salizylsaure, das Quecksilber und das Arsen. Del' Satz "Probieren geht libel' Studieren"hat auch heute noch eine gewisse Berechtigung, und selbst in del' jetzigen Am del' exakten experimentellen Thempie konnen wir uns libel' dieses an sich unwissenschaftlich klingende Wort nicht ganz hinwegsetzen. Del' Unterschied gegen frliher besteht nur darin, daB wir bei vielen Infektionskmnkheiten, gegen die wir mit diesen Mitteln heute zu Felde ziehen, die Erreger kennen gelernt haben; wir konnen sie zum Teil auch auf Tiere ubertmgen und somit bei diesen unsere Versuche anstellen. Letztere gestalten sich heute abel' auch wesent lich andel'S wie fruher, da wir heute auf Grund unserer genauen Kenntnisse die abtotende Wirkung vieleI' Arzneimittel auf die betr. Mikropamsiten mit unsern Augen unter dem Mikroskop beobachten und verfolgen konnen. Das ist ein gewaltiger fortress schritt und fur den Arzt und Forscher ein schones, befriedigendes BewuBtsein, welches das Studium del' Chemothempie zu einem so anziehenden und fruchtbringenden gestaltet. Aus del' empirischen ist eine kausale Thempie geworden. Es ist auch begreiflich, daB wir die Kenntnis del' sachgemaBen und zielbewuBten Anwendung diesel' Mittel in erster Linie del' bakteriologischen Wissenschaft verdanken, deren Aufgabe es ja ist, nicht nul' die Ursachen del' Infektionskmnkheiten zu er forschen, sondeI'll auch ihre Erreger imlerhalb und auBerhalb des menschlichen und tierischen Korpers zu vernichten.

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Medicine The Definitive Illustrated History by Steve Parker

By Steve Parker

Drugs tells the interesting tale of the self-discipline, from precedent days to the current day, charting advancements in therapeutic, prognosis, surgical procedure, and medicine in a vividly visible and obtainable structure. keep on with the gory pitfalls and the unbelievable breakthroughs of clinical historical past from trepanning, bloodletting, and physique snatching to the most recent advancements in IVF and gene remedy. transparent diagrams clarify significant ailments, reminiscent of melanoma, and improve knowing of human anatomy, surgical tools, and the development of remedy over the centuries, surroundings the good milestones of scientific historical past of their wider social context. A complementary illustrated reference part profiles the entire major physique structures and organs and explains their relevance when it comes to the development of medication. A compelling combination of riveting tales, obtainable details, and extraordinary illustrations, medication indicates and tells how medication has developed into the lifesaving self-discipline it truly is this present day.

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Practical digital mammography by Beverly Hashimoto

By Beverly Hashimoto

Practical electronic Mammography offers breast imagers with a scientific,
problem-solving method of detecting and assessing the main refined symptoms of breast melanoma malignancies.
The publication opens with concise assurance of the basics, together with physics, gear, and general anatomy.
Separate chapters supply uncomplicated descriptions and transparent illustrations of the electronic mammographic
characteristics of benign and malignant calcifications, plenty, asymmetry, and architectural distortion.
The writer offers the scientific workup of the main tricky mammographic findings and offers suggestions
about the optimizing the options for localizing each one finding.


  • 103 illustrated situations support readers achieve a company
    understanding of the way to interpret electronic mammographic findings
  • Summary tables offer succinct descriptions of electronic
    mammographic findings correlated to the yank university of Radiology's BI-RAD
    assessment different types
  • Practical dialogue of some great benefits of electronic
    mammography over screen-film suggestions and gear permits readers to check
    technologies and structures
  • "Pearls and Pitfalls" overview key issues and
    considerations With its wide assurance and emphasis on scientific suggestions, this
    book is integral for radiologists, citizens, and technologists confronting
    the demanding situations of a electronic mammographic imaging center.

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