Chinese Etiquette & Ethics In Business by Boye Lafayette De Mente

By Boye Lafayette De Mente

New economies are constructing within the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong--and Western expertise, administration services, and capital are assisting to gasoline them. yet each achieve is difficult gained and Western businesspeople who're profitable want to know the fine details of chinese language paperwork, political structures, and the chinese language personality. during this re-creation of chinese language Etiquette & Ethics in company, Boye Lafayette De Mente, who has lived and labored within the a ways East for over thirty years, unearths the historical elements, collective features, and person traits that make certain how the chinese language do enterprise at the present time and the path their economies will take up the longer term. His is an insider's view, no matter if he's discussing the overhaul of legislation controlling enterprise improvement or the significance of fine social relationships to winning company relationships. when you are a businessperson who'd love to do enterprise with the chinese language successfully--Chinese Etiquette & Ethics in company might be on the best of your "must learn" checklist. "Boye De Mente is a life-long scholar and observer of Asia; an unchallenged authority on Asian etiquette and ethics in enterprise. Few books are so good documented, with such a lot of assistance and issues to understand approximately trendy China. chinese language Etiquette & Ethics in enterprise is needs to studying for a person considering a company enterprise there." -- Professor Andrew C. Chang American Graduate institution of overseas administration

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The "book name" was used by teachers and school friends. Both parents and relatives would also use the individual's new "style" name after marriage. In feudal days, scholars also commonly assumed a "studio name," which they used in signing their works. No doubt because of the profusion of identical names, many Chinese ended up with nicknamesoften associated with their physical appearance or characteristics. When the exodus from China began in the 1800s, Chinese who lived overseas often adopted Western names in addition to their Chinese given names.

Do not see only petty gains. If a man hurries too much, things will not be done well or thoroughly. " CONFUCIUS Page vii Contents Acknowledgments xi Major Dynasties of Imperial China xii Map of China xiv Introduction xvii 1 The Land and the People 1 China in Profile Taming China's Sorrow Divisions of China The Han People The Yunnan Menagerie Provinces of Today's China Cities with Provincial Status Autonomous Regions Notes on the Languages of China Pronunciation Guide Notes on Chinese Names 2 The Historical Perspective 16 The Yin and Yang of Things The Philosophers' State The Great Sage Soothing Savage Beasts The Great Sage Today Patterns of Chinese Thought The Ultimate Bureaucracy Power of the Scholars Mandarins as Villains Baggage from the Past Origins of Chinese Etiquette Questioning the Genius of China Early Chinese Traders Memories of the Opium Wars Mao's Great Purge The Communist Crucible Capitalism in China 3 The Awakening Dragon 38 Seeing Beyond the Facade Turning Traditions Upside Down Entrepreneurship Is In China's New "Gold Coast" Other Breakthroughs The Final Stage Burial at Sea Dealing with Chinese-Style Laws Avoiding Culture Shock Page viii Westerners as Aliens The Chinese Advantage The Roundabout Way The Importance of Keqi Human Feelings and Face Facing the World Overseas Chinese 4 Living in a Beehive Society 62 Land of Indentured Servants The Chinese Way Sensitivity to Clothing Women in New China Black July Sexual Taboos Marriage by the Numbers Children Without Identities Creating a New Culture Consumerism Versus Communism The Famous "Back Door" The Need for Revenge Hard and Soft Age Has Its Privileges The Iron Rice Bowl Only in China Siesta Time!

Affluence breeds decadence and weakness in the imperial line; the dynasty falls. D. 907960 Period of turmoil and short-lived dynasties. D. 9601127 Northern tribes become serious threat, forcing capital to move south; compass used routinely for navigation; paper money in use; size and sophistication of cities grow. D. 11271279 Incursions by nomadic northern tribes continue; Sung rulers move south; new dynasty set up in north. D. 11151234 New northern dynasty cannot match military power of the nomadic Mongols, and is defeated.

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