Fiqh-us-seerah: Understanding the life of prophet Muhammad by Muhammad Ghazali

By Muhammad Ghazali

Figuring out the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad

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Jemaah Tarbiyah has also expanded its influence in an extra-campus predication network, called the Forum for Coordinating Campus Predication, Forum Silaturahmi Lembaga Dakwah Kampus (FSLDK) throughout secular universities in Indonesia. Through this campus predication net, members of Jemaah Tarbiyah seized the advantage to establish the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Union, Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia (KAMMI) in Malang, East Java in 1998. In April 1998 KAMMI, under the leadership of Fahri Hamzah, organised a huge demonstration calling for the resignation of President Soeharto.

The involvement of Jemaah Tarbiyah activists in the realm of politics has forced them to deal with the heterogenous nature of Indonesia. As a result, the political agenda of PKS in promoting Islamic aspirations (the major discourse of Jemaah Tarbiyah) has been played down; it has passed through a process of domestication in which local contexts become determinant factors in the promotion of its aspirations. 13 Islamising Indonesia This is not to say that the international face of Jemaah Tarbiyah is not still apparent, in particular when it places the issue of “experiences of injustice” in the Islamic world, particularly the Middle East, as a high priority in its international policy.

See “PKS Perkirakan Raih 48 Kursi DPR,” Gatra, 21 April 2004 and “61 dari 112 Pilkada telah Direbut PKS,” Gatra, 10 June 2006. 3 Media Indonesia, 15 September 2003. 4 See “Pemilih Islam dan Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS): Hasil Survey LSI tentang Partai Politik dan Calon Presiden 2004,” LSI, September 2004, 8. 5 Al-Banna was born in Egypt in 1906. He founded his movement, al-Ikhwa>n al-Muslimi>n (the Muslim Brothers) in 1928, to become a force within Egyptian social movements. On 12 February 1949 he was assassinated by the Egyptian secret police.

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