Nutritional Characteristics of Sorghums from Queensland and by Dr Rider A Perez-Maldonado, Dr Hugh D Rodrigues

By Dr Rider A Perez-Maldonado, Dr Hugh D Rodrigues

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673) digestibility, which was found in this study to be the second limiting AA due to its lower content in the grain. On the basis of the results here it can be speculated that bird age may play in important role in sorghum AME and the ability of CT to affect it with an apparent higher negative effect in younger birds. Fortunately, as birds mature this negative effect of sorghum CT became less significant as shown by the weak relationship between CT and AME values for 2004 sorghum. 9 *= PGLP wheat samples; 1= Pacific MR 43 (Moree, Boomi/ Goondiwindi); 2 = Pacific Buster (Moree, Boomi/ Goondiwindi); 3= Pacific MR 43 (Yellarbon/East Texas); 4= Pacific Buster (Yellarbon/East Texas); 5= Hylan Liberty (Kingaroy/Jandowae); 6= Hylan Dominator (Kingaroy/Jandowae); 7= Pioneer Bonus (Dalby/Warra); 8= Pioneer 85G83 (Dalby/Warra); 9= Pacific MR 43 (Clifton); 10= Pacific Buster (Pittsworth); 11= Pacific Buster (Gunnedah); 12= Pacific MR 43 (Gunnedah); 13= Hylan Liberty (Dolby/Bowenville); 14= Pacifc MR 43 (Dalby); 15= Pacific MR Buster (Emerald); 16= Pacific MR 43 (Emerald); 17= Pacific MR Buster (Dalby); 20= H45 (Wagga Wagga); 21= Oxley (Narrabri); 22= Waxy Oxley (Narrabri) ; AME (MJ/kg DM); AMEn (MJ/kg DM corrected for nitrogen).

All diets were offered to Acres (n= 768) male broilers housed in 96 cages with five replicates per sorghum treatment and 11 replicates for the control wheat-based diet. The experimental unit was a cage of eight birds in a completely randomised layout of the 96 cages. 05) differences between treatment means were determined using the Least Significant Difference test. Ethical considerations Before the commencement of each broiler experiment described in this project, animal ethics applications forms were submitted to the Animal Research Institute’s Animal Ethics Review Committee.

5 The digestion of condensed tannins: Implications on nutrients digestibility The mean values for the digestibility of free and bound CT from both the 2004 and 2005 sorghum samples in broiler birds of age 29-35 d old and 22-28 d old are shown in Tables 7 and 8 respectively. The mean and range digestibility values of CT for both these years are shown in Table 9. There is little information available presently in the literature on the CT metabolism in the digestive tract and tissues of broiler chickens.

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