Ocean Governance, Regimes, and the South China Sea Issues: A by Peter Kien-hong Yu

By Peter Kien-hong Yu

​This ebook makes use of chinese language model of dialectics to give interpretations of ocean governance, overseas regimes, concerns within the South China Sea generally and the chinese language U-shaped line particularly, throughout the one-dot idea. It specially serves as a device for non-Chinese researchers and specialists drawn to interpreting diplomacy matters from a chinese language standpoint. The dialectical one-dot conception, that's an excellent version to the dialectical Yin and Yang or the dialectical crab and frog movement version, offers study and findings that extra heavily reflect truth than do different, non-dialectical techniques and learn tools. additional, it may be utilized to either the average and social sciences. The ebook is split into 3 elements — technique, Case stories regarding foreign Regimes and Non-“International Regimes,” and matters on the topic of the U-shaped Line within the South China Sea — with every one bankruptcy based when it comes to the one-dot conception. as well as researchers and specialists concerned about marine and maritime affairs, this publication also will entice all readers drawn to chinese language Philosophy, diplomacy, and Strategic Culture.

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The next model is: Dialectical Approach (or 1 2 3 4 5) versus Non-“Dialectical Approach” (or A B C D E). Since I have chosen the Number spectrum, I will stick to 1. Evidence: Since Tanaka, for example, had chosen the Number spectrum, he was sticking to 1 by being 100 % dialectical. Before that, Tanaka’s earlier writings could be non-“dialectical,” resulting in possible contradiction(s). This is understandable because the dialectical approach is more complicated and complex than the non“dialectical” approach, the latter of which is usually linear, emphasizing cause and effect, like a train of thought, one coach connecting to the other coach.

1, for example, we see many dialectical terms: two opposing principles, namely, the principle of sovereignty and the principle of freedom,25 dichotomy,26 narrow (belt of) territorial sea versus vast high seas,27 (traditional) dualism,28 holistic (viewpoints or approach),29 parallelism between “biologico-geographical solidarity” and “legal solidarity”,30the unity of the ocean,31 contradictory,32 dialectical,33 the everlasting conflict between the principle of sovereignty and the principle of (navigation) freedom,34 dual legal system between the zonal and the integrated management approaches,35 and coexistence36.

Certainly, this kind of ontological question, as opposed to siren song, could affect our presumption and assumption. If our presumption or assumption differs in the first place, that definitely can lead to a different interpretation or logical outcome. For example, if we assume that God does not exist, our findings would be definitely falsified, should one day we the human beings can literally shake hands with or talk to God. This means that our science and non-“science” publications would have to be revised.

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