Sul Ross: Soldier, Statesman, Educator by Judith Ann Benner

By Judith Ann Benner

Lawrence Sullivan Ross, born in Iowa Territory, served Texas with a keenness unequalled through a lot of its local sons, devoting so much of his lifestyles to the Lone megastar nation as Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, accomplice soldier, sheriff, structure framer, country senator, governor, and president of Texas A&M College.

In this primary full-scale biography of Ross, Judith Benner engrossingly narrates the tale of his existence, from a robust baby of the Texas frontier to a venerable university president credited with revitalizing an almost defunct establishment. utilizing such unpublished fabric as army documents, inner most relations papers, and archival collections, the writer convincingly offers Ross and his contemporaries and fleshes out the man or woman in the back of the legend.

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A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685­1897, II, 342.  631­33.  300).  Nackman, "The Making of the Texas Citizen Soldier, 1835­1860," Southwestern Historical Quarterly 78 (January, 1975): 231­53.  21­22.  633.  4­5.  Ross's comrades felt him most deserving of Smith's title, but this triumph was considerably lessened by an acute attack of bronchitis, which struck on May 19.  5.  5­6.  6­7.  71.  xvi).  7.  71­72. Page 42 23 yet the people he was prepared to fight for again hated him because his father had been agent at the Brazos Reserve.

2: 269.  This information came from an interview with Harvey Ross, son of Sul Ross, July 12, 1938.  In about thirty­eight hours they covered the ninety­odd miles between Radziminski and the Wichita village, passing through what is now Fort Sill.  Then Sul's scouts reported that the command was approaching the camp.  The major also directed Sul to keep the Indian auxiliaries on the right of the troops once the attack began so that during the fighting they would not be mistaken for the foe.  49.

49.  Sul told the others to let them go and then realized that one of the ragged, dirty, terror­stricken girl children was white.  However, it must be remembered that Van Dorn's superiors knew nothing about such an agreement until after the expedition's departure.  26­27.  14).  There seemed to be no hope, and Sul thought his time had come.  175­77; Ross to Rose, October 13, 1880, Rose Papers, O'Connor Collection).  74).  51; Ross to Rose, October 13, 1880, Rose Papers, O'Connor Collection.  88).

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