The Great Wall of China by Cindy Jenson-Elliott

By Cindy Jenson-Elliott

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Some of the most successful generals, in fact, were of mixed descent or came from Words in Context monopolies the steppes themselves and had grown up When companies with these cavalry skills. Fighting horsemen or groups control with horsemen was better than pitting foot production of all of a soldiers against cavalry. But while military single type of item. engagement held the Xiongnu back and even damaged their long-term ability to attack the Chinese, nothing stopped them for long, and the border problems continued.

Protection systems were also built to prevent the Xiongnu from sabotaging irrigation systems or harming those who were working on these public works projects. Life along the wall during the Han Dynasty, even for soldiers, was not all bad. While soldiers were still conscripted from warmer and more hospitable areas of the south and were fewer in number, they were better equipped and better fed than previous generations of soldiers. And although the northern border could be cold and lonely, volunteer soldiers often brought their families with them.

In the Words in Context ensuing chaos, the aristocracy arose once dynasty Rulers in a line again in an attempt to regain power. Leadof succession from ers from the aristocracy succeeded kings the same family or who had risen from the peasantry until lineage. a prolonged civil war pitted the forces of feudalism against the powers of meritocracy. In the end, the conflict was won by a former village headman, Liu Pang, who rose to become the leader of a new regime—the Han Dynasty—around 206 BC. 39 CHAPTER THREE China’s Relationships with the Tribes of the North D uring the Han Dynasty, which lasted from about 206 BC to AD 220, leaders tried everything they could think of to manage relationships with the people of the north.

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