The Power of Looks by Bonnie Berry

By Bonnie Berry

There's a announcing that attractiveness is within the eye of the beholder, implying that good looks is subjective. Does that suggest that 'better taking a look' humans have extra social strength? This booklet presents a desirable perception into the social stratification of individuals in line with appears to be like - the unreal placement of individuals into larger and lesser strength strata in line with actual appearance.The writer analyses assorted elements of actual visual appeal comparable to faces, breasts, eye shapes, top and weight as they're regarding social strength and inequality. for instance tall everyone is usually linked to strength and publicly react as if tall humans own and deserve extra energy than shorter humans. the writer then assesses how people's actual visual appeal impacts their probabilities of marriage and employment.The publication contributes to and differentiates itself from present literature via emphasizing sociological idea - together with constructionism and significant conception - and examine to appreciate the phenomenon of social aesthetics - a time period coined via the writer to consult the social response to actual visual appeal. the writer argues that appealing humans, just like the usual and the unattractive, are all seen and handled in a different way according to their visual appeal. She concludes via trying to demonstrate no matter if society on an international and native point will come to acknowledge the price of people despite their visual appeal within the similar manner as we've got come to simply accept people's worthy despite race, gender and age.

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Likewise with culture and nationality, with these broad appearance-related topics presented throughout and particularly in the chapter on social forces. One of the foci of this chapter is the lengths to which we go in order to “pass” as members of a powerful stratum. Minorities (women, the disabled, the not-young, ethnic minorities, and others) are stigmatized by their looks and often, as a result, resort to artificial means of “passing” as something they are not, in order to gain or keep social power.

The cost of gaining an approved appearance, in order to gain power, can be high. Since we are on the topic of economics, the capitalist culture cannot be ruled out as a tremendous force in influencing people to do everything they can to appear socially desirable, in order to gain economic and social advantages. Kaw (1994) addresses surgery to achieve the double eyelid among Asian American women, and points to the intersection between capitalist consumer culture and racial ideology. As Kaw observes, Asian facial features have historically contributed to bias against Asians in the United States and elsewhere.

The PBQ and the new meritocracy encourage us to alter our appearance in order that we may better access economic power. It is understandable that women (and men) would undergo surgical and other alterations in order to be attractive and thus to be competitive in the employment market. Yet, such an understanding does not answer the question of whether we should comply with such employment-centered dictates to be attractive, or whether compliance reinforces an unhealthy lookscentered system. ” One might see cosmetic surgery as a solution to women’s unequal access to employment yet such a viewpoint represents a “feminism of compliance and accommodation rather than a feminism of rebellion and resistance” (Davis 2003: 37).

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